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Cranes 101 is excited about the launch of this new training website.

With the changing nature of safety regulations, the need for documented and recognized training has never been greater.

Our experience as expert witnesses on many occurrences has brought to our attention the need for documented training for each employer.

We here at Crane’s are truly dedicated to the Safety business.


MA Hoisting Continuing Education courses online

MA hoisting continuing education courses

Online Training!
People are busy these days. We understand that here at Cranes101, so we make sure that our superior quality training is available to all. Those who cannot attend classes on-site, have the option of learning online.
Take our Continuing Education courses online at your convenience from the privacy of your home or anywhere else you have access to the internet.

Cranes101 is an established training organization that has been around since 2001.

If you ever lose your certificate, need extra consultation, or simply want the guarantee that the training company you choose will be around next year, then Cranes101 is the right company for you!

Please take advantage of our discount pricing!
If you have more than one restriction on your license, notify us using the email link below. The discount will come to you in the form of a rebate on your credit card.
Here’s what you’ll pay:
1 Course  (1 Restriction)   $100
2 Courses (2 Restrictions) $200-$40 Rebate Cost $160
3 Courses (3 Restrictions) $300-$105 Rebate Cost $195
4 Courses (4 Restrictions) $400-$200 Rebate Cost $200

Use this form for your rebate! Rebate Request Form

If you have a 2A/1A (bundle I), 2A/1B (Bundle II) or 2A/1C (Bundle III) Restriction, there is a reduced price already available in the Course Catalog for you. Just select the bundled version (I, II or III) under OFFERS on the right side in the class list for your combined restrictions and the website will price you automatically at $160.


Regional Crane Operator Skills Competition October 25, 2014

Northeast #1 Event!
Hosted By:
Cranes 101

Online Continuing Education Courses
Cranes101 now offers Online CE courses

We are excided about the launch of our new website, Cranes101online.com
You now have the online option to complete the Continiung Education Courses required to renew your license.

What's the difference between the NCCCO, CIC, NCCER and the OECP?

This question keeps popping up in crane circles and I've seen some confusion results from it. All 4 of these organizations have been accredited to certify crane operators. The certification comes from the NCCA, ANSI, or both, and meets the criteria established by OSHA Subpart CC for Crane Operator Certification.

The NCCCO awards a certificate referred to as a CCO. They are the oldest organization of the four. Their name is to the crane industry like Xerox is to the copier business. I still call our Konica Minolta copier in the office a Xerox machine.

You may encounter government entities or construction companies erroneously referring to the crane operator certificate as a "CCO". Some states and construction companies have written policies that refer erroneously and specifically to the "CCO" only.
That situation is getting cleared up as more crane operators are obtaining CIC, NCCER and OECP certificates.

What's really important to you when you're looking for Crane Operator training and certification? The questionnaire below was compiled from information gleaned from our experiences.

Questions to ask the provider when searching to obtain a Crane Operator Certificate:

  • Can you do the whole job? Do you provide the training and testing?
  • Do you offer crane operator training?
  • Can you do the whole program at my place?
  • Do you have a location where I can receive crane operator training and complete all my testing?
  • If I fail any part of my test what is involved in retesting?
  • What hours are you open for testing/re-testing?
  • What is the availability of a crane for testing?
  • What is your involvement in the crane industry?

Jay Sturm President/Cranes101

Safety is our only business and we at Cranes101 are working diligently to make ourselves the single best provider of Crane Operator training by offering the best user-friendly programs.

New Crane Operator Training Course!
Cranes101 now offers an Entry Level Crane Operator Training Course

Our 2-week Entry Level Cranes Operator course was built specifically for those who have no prior cranes experience.

Nationally Accredited Crane Licensing
Cranes101 now offers a Nationally Accredited Crane License.

Cranes Safety Institute has partnered with Crane Institute of America to perform CIC crane licensing. Cranes Safety Institute is proud to offer CIC Nationally Accredited Certification written and practical exams. CIC Nationally Accredited Certification meets all the new OSHA requirements.

Not only do we offer the written and practical exam we have training to prepare your employees to take the test.

License Prep Classes

MA and RI license preparation classes allow your employee to be prepared to take their state test they are applying for.

These classes not only prepare them to take the state test, it also awards the employee with a certificate stating they have had training for that type of equipment.

Massachusetts Classes
  • 1A - All hoisting equipment (except electric and air powered hoisting equipment) including clutch machines, derricks, guy derricks, stiff legs, Chicago booms, gin poles, lattice booms
  • 1B - Equipment with telescoping booms with or without wire ropes
  • 1C - Equipment hydraulic telescoping booms without wire ropes and forklifts
  • 2A - Crawler and rubber-tired excavators, backhoes and loaders
  • 3A - Electric and air powered hoisting equipment
  • 4B - Drill Rigs

Rhode Island Classes
  • Hydraulic Cranes
  • Fork Lift/Construction
  • Pay Loader/Back Hoe/Excavating Equipment
  • Drilling Rig
Cranes101 now offers the following Online Continuing Education classes:
MA 1A Continuing Education course
MA 1B Continuing Education course
MA 1C Continuing Education course
MA 1D Continuing Education course
MA 2A Continuing Education course
MA 2B Continuing Education course
MA 2C Continuing Education course
MA 2D Continuing Education course
MA 3A Continuing Education course
MA 4A Continuing Education course
MA 4B Continuing Education course
MA 4C Continuing Education course
MA 4D Continuing Education course
MA 4E Continuing Education course
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