Online Account/Course Instructions

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Creating your online account.
Your first login
Printing/Viewing/downloading your certificates

You must first create an account in order to purchase your first course.
Figure 1 shows the first step to create your account.

After clicking on the Click Here button, the form shown in the figure below to the left will be displayed. Fill out the form and make sure you remember the username and password you entered. You will automatically be logged into your new account after submiting the form. Create online account step 1cranes CE online courses
Your first Login
When logged into your account for the first time, your screen should look similar to the one shown bellow.

You will now be able to purchase your first course
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cranes online account User Contrdol Panel
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Your receipts and certificates
As shown in the figure below, clicking on the arrow next to your name on the top navigation bar will display a drop-down with links to access all your account information.

Click on the My Certificates or My Invoices to print out copies for each. On the completion of each course, you will also receive an email with your certificate attached.
On the right hand side you will find links to the following:
  • Course Catalog to purchase courses
  • Progress to check the progress of the current courses you are registered to and more.
  • Groups - This is only for those who signup using thier Company Portal.
CE Course Control Panel
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